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There is a challenge we have in this world - to continually rise, progress, move forward. And with that challenge comes responsibility to support each other's journey, because the collective advancement of each individual, allows us to progress as a whole. It's this challenge, this mission, this goal, that has spurred the Sting Organization to take action and launch an initiative that is as pioneering as the Sting Organization itself --


The mission of the Sting Organization is the Education of Life through soccer. Our focused goal of creating a strong, complete soccer player, coupled with the instillation of high moral value and character is paramount to Sting realizing success for each young female athlete to excel well beyond their soccer years. This mission underscores the importance of creating a movement that is aimed at educating, inspiring and recognizing remarkable females. 

The Mantra? 

She Will look your direction from the time that she's young. And She Will start to see what this world could mean for her - where she could fit in.

We are responsible for what She Will see - and actions speak louder than words. Let's show her a world where She Will be lifted.. Let's show her a world where She Will be heard. Let's show her a world where She Will rise. 

Give her the opportunity, support her journey, and She Will move mountains. 

The She Will movement will focus on inspiration, education, and recognition that highlights the inspiring everyday woman who define what it means to be female. Sting players may notice something unique on their uniforms this year. On the left sleeve will stand a reminder that there are no limits, and we can accomplish anything we set out to do. Sting has always been a pioneer in the women's game of soccer, it's time to take that success and legacy, and extend it beyond the field to leave a lasting legacy with our members and beyond.

Who will leave that legacy? She Will. 

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